How do I attach an AirTag to my dog?

With the launch of Apple’s latest gadget, the AirTag, lots of pet owners are looking for ways to use the tech to track their four-legged friends. Wondering why you should use an AirTag to track your dog? Check out our earlier blog here.

While Apple are selling handy keyrings and stylish luggage tags to fit the tracking disk, however, they don’t offer any kind of pet-friendly option. So, how do you attach an AirTag to your dog?

Works a charm

The easiest way to keep an AirTag on your dog is to put the tag into a high-quality case that has been specifically designed for canine use, like our Petcha AirTag Collar Case. This essentially converts the Tag into a charm, just like the one your pooch might have on their collar with their name and your contact details.

Practical points

When choosing a case to put the AirTag into, there are some practicalities that you should consider.

The case must be durable, because if your canine friend is anything like Daisy, it’s going to be put through its paces. Our case fully encompasses the AirTag, meaning there are no pesky gpas or edges that could allow the Tag to be damaged.

You’ll also want something that’s easy to clean, which is one of the reasons we chose silicone for the Petcha AirTag Collar Case. It makes the Tag case easy to wipe clean after muddy walks in the woods, or afternoons spent rolling in the sand at the beach.

You’ll also want a case that’s lightweight. The AirTag’s weigh just 11g, making it the perfect tracking option for all dogs, no matter how tiny. If you choose a clunky case that weighs 200g on its own, though, you’ll be weighing down your dog! Our Petcha case weighs just XXg.

Attaching the charm

Now your AirTag is safely and securely in a case, you just have to attach the charm to your dog!

We know some dogs can be quite fussy about having things near their face or neck, which is why we’ve made a whole range of collars, harnesses and leads with attach points for your AirTag case. The case attaches firmly onto the D-ring, just like a nametag does. On the harnesses, this feature is on the back, so your dog won’t be bothered by it swinging on their neck.

Track away!

Now your AirTag is securely attached to your pup, you can track their location on your Find My app at any time. It’s as simple as that!

We’d love to see pictures of your AirTagged dog using our Petcha range, and to hear what you think of the products! Tag us in your social media posts, and use #PetchaPup.

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